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Devin Clark

Quick Tip: Don't use Star (and not for the reason you think)

So, here at WDT we do a lot of the JavaScripts and the CSSes. We had an issue in two of our weather mapping applications where users could not type in text boxes in using Safari. We tried to ignore this bug until yesterday when Jordan, our resident code wizard, found the cause of this issue.

What does this have to do with the wildcard selection operator in CSS? We found that someone (not saying it was me, not saying it wasn't me) had * {user-select: none; } in the stylesheet. The intention was to make the app feel like less of a web app and solve issues with dragging. What's wrong with this? We are making the assumption browsers all have the same interpret the CSS specification in the same way. In this case, user-select on a text input in Safari does not allow users to type in the text input.

Discovering this issue also let to this awesome passive aggressive tweet.

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Devin Clark
Principal Software Engineer, Oracle
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