JavaScript Styling with Feeling

This is a quick introduction to how I did CSS-in-JS on a recent project using Emotion and Preact.

Slimmer Code Reviews with Husky

Husky is a simple tool for configuring Git hooks in a project. It really shines when you need to easily configure Git hooks for a project across a team. That is what we are going to do today.

Virtualized Rendering in React

Virtual rendering (also known as virtualized rendering, windowing, and a number of other terms) is a method of only rendering the elements that need to be rendered to the DOM.

Use Fetch

How do you make an HTTP request in JavaScript? Do you pull in jQuery? Write your own XMLHttpRequest? There's a better way.

Deep Objects in Lodash

A quick introduction to two Lodash methods I found recently, _.get and _.set, to help work with deeply nested objects.

A Simple Build Process for React and JSX

Unfortunately, build processes are a big part of JavaScript development. Build processes do not have to be complicated, despite what you may have heard. Let's jump in with my default for building React and JSX projects. I say "default" because if the project gets complicated I will move to using Gulp. An example of a more complicated project is one with multiple entry points.

Testing React Components with Enzyme

We finally boarded the React train and it is great. I looked at Enzyme and Jest. Enzyme seems a lot easier to use so I chose it. I am impressed with how it turned out.

Creating Vagrant Boxes using Vagrant

Vagrant is a huge pain in the ass (sometimes). Creating Vagrant boxes is more so (or so I thought).

Nebraska JS Conference 2015

NebraskaJS Conf is a conference I had the pleasure of attending recently. It was held at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo, named the #1 Zoo in the World by TripAdvisor.

Drinking with npm (Bourbon and Neat)

Both Bourbon and Neat are available on npm. This, along with node-sass, has allowed me to remove Ruby from my development stack.

Global npm Install without Sudo

You should not have install global node modules with root! The default for directory global node modules is usually /usr/local/ when installing from the http://npmjs.org binary. This directory is not writable by users (as intended). I would like to preface this with I have only done this on a OS X. The instructions should be the same for Linux. Sorry Windows users, I can't help here.

What You Might Not Know about Chrome DevTools

Part One? Chrome's DevTools is a magical and mysterious beast. We can conquer this beast together! Josh Bavari recently gave a Lightning Talk on JS debugging. You should check it out. He is a great presenter.

Quick Tip: Don't use Star (and not for the reason you think)

So, here at WDT we do a lot of the JavaScripts and the CSSes. We had an issue in two of our weather mapping applications where users could not type in text boxes in using Safari. We tried to ignore this bug until yesterday when Jordan, our resident code wizard, found the cause of this issue.

Getting Started with the Bourbon Family: a Sassoholics Best Friend

When I say "The Bourbon Family", I am referring to Bourbon, Neat, Bitters, and Refills. What are they? Well, Bourbon is a mixin library for Sass. The others are built on top of Bourbon. Neat is a Sass grid system. Bitters is a kind of scaffold project with some sensible default styles. Refills is a collection of common components (think Bootstrap with less fail :P). Together they form the Bourbon Family!

Quick Tip: Useful Npm Package Listing

We've all had to suffer through npm ls and it's endless trees of dependencies but there is a better way!

Browserify: Rockin' the Wizard Hat

Jordan Rousseau recently gave a presentation at OKC.JS about Browserify. Jordan is the fearless leader of the web team, of which I happen to be a member, at Weather Decision Technologies.

Quick Tip: npm CLI Shorthands

If you're like me, you spend a lot of time daily using npm, the official node package manager. Typing npm install whatever-package --save or npm install whatever-package --save-dev is very tedious.

Star Dates in JavaScript

While on my winter vacation, I began creating problems to solve out of boredom and to keep my JavaScript skills sharp. One evening, after an unknown amount of whiskey, I decided to look into converting dates into Stardates. TREKKIE ALERT! Don’t let this discourage you from reading. There still is a decent amount of information JavaScript Dates that can be extracted from this article.

200OK Conference Wrap Up

200OK, Oklahoma's premier web dev conference, took place in Tulsa, Oklahoma on September 27th 2013. I had the pleasure of attending and I would like to share my experiences. It was an excellent conference, with a rock star (yeah I said it!) lineup of speakers. This was the first time (that I can remember) going to Tulsa. I live about two hours away.

Grunt: A Tool for the Modern Web Artisan

Automate Everything; a philosophy we should all strive for as developers. Grunt can help with this and I would like to help you learn how to properly utilize it.

The Making of devin-clark.com

My design philosophy for the project I strive for is something minimal, with a subtly powerful UI. I used Sketch 2 for initial design mockups. This post will be somewhat of a living document.

Alternative Syntax in PHP, FTW!

This is a guest post by my co-worker and friend, the wonderful Chris Ensell. Chris is a Freelance Web Developer and is my go-to guy for any PHP questions I have (and I have a lot).

CSS Validation

means nothing. Valid CSS does not guarantee a good user experience, the layout is correct, or the site even functions at all. This nonsense must end. Jeffrey Way's article But It Doesn't Validate is another rant on the topic. I would definitely recommend you read it.